My very first article

Hello world!!!

Finally my new site/blog/personal page is aliiiive! :")

And in order to celebrate this fact, I present you some of the photos from my Autumn seaside vacation. It was a wonderful trip to Sinemorets which is a small village with three completely different beaches. You can see it on Google maps here. Simply great location to chill, not too tourist visited and still clean enough. We stayed in a guest house "Sirius" outside of the village itself. It offered great accommodation and very nice hosts.

Most of the time I was shooting with my favourite Smena 8, but I lost one of the films somewhere and I am still searching for it. Hopefully I will find it soon enough to develop and share it here. 

As Sinemorets is in the outskirts of National Park, it is very beautiful place to wander and to enjoy nature. Even close to the border it is relatively safe as Border Control patrols are present all the time. We also made one day trip with bicycles to the nearby Silistar beach and Rezovo.

I highly recommend visiting this destination to everybody who is more into nature and less into ugly concrete all-inclusive 5-stars hotels.