Am I crafty?

Do you consider yourself a crafty person?

First, let's get it clear. I do not consider myself a craftsman, but yes, I am crafty person. Especially if I compare myself to the rest of my friends. Since my early childhood I was inclined in drawing, cutting, gluing and creating small things out of nothing. It made me feel good. It continues even now, 20 years later.

I am not patient enough to become a master in one field. I spread my energy and motivation around and sometimes honestly, I don't have the will to finish something that I started.

Some things you simply can't change...

I grew up in Bulgaria, in the very beginning of the long transition towards democratic government. During those years that I remember fondly, we didn't have many toys. My favourite toy was a rag doll that used to sing a small part of the "Yellow submarine" by The Beetles. We also had some old-fashioned metal constructors and wooden blocks. The rest if you were lucky was paper and pens.My parents always tried to provide me with what they can, but we never had the luxury to try and use beautiful stationery as kids. 

The bad part was that I couldn't experiment with new craft materials. 

The good thing was that you can experiment with whatever you have around. This included rocks, sticks, nails, old shoes, old clothes, sewing materials, wool.

The best part of it is that I had an amazing childhood.

Modern crafts and goods

Excluding the professional crafter, nowadays it is really easy for the average person to create something by himself. We have all the tools, the supplies are one click away, there is no need to invent anything. All is super easy, super glue, super convenient. You can watch videos, read some books, have a private lesson, attend a workshop. This is great, no? I like the freedom to choose and try different things, but there is stays the not so nice side of the price tag.

Some years ago before applying for the Architectural school I wanted to become a better artist and I followed a 6 months course. What I learned from it was the following:

  • I need to wear glasses as I am short-sighted
  • You don't learn anything if you are bored to death
  • Nobody should give me Talent's Gouache in Green 600 as this will create a huge mess
  • Practice indeed makes perfect
  • Stress is not helping you
  • Everybody has a weak side
  • Everybody is better in something than the rest
  • If you finish something and you don't really like it, you should fix it as soon as possible or you won't fix it ever

At this very moment I own a nice collection of paper, cardboard, wooden panels, brushes, pencils, watercolours, acrylics, pastels and ink. I seldom use those. Some of those are not even tried once. The cost? Several thousands dollars. For every beginner out there exist a special kit that will help him become a master in the field of (choose one, please). 

Sorry to burst your bubble, but there is no special kit, no special course that will get you going other than starting doing something:")