Filofax: Week 4/2014

  • Category: Life
  • Published: 27 January 2014

Yeap, Monday again. Time for weekly recap. 

  • We experienced the first real snowfall this winter. Yay! Good for skiing, bad for getting to work.
  • I didn't have much time for blogging
  • I started to re-learn Photoshop as I intend to work on my photos and even if I don't like it, the technical stuff is a big part of making quality photographs. 
  • I started a new project that you will see soon :")
  • I rediscovered black tea with milk and spices. 

So last week was very de-motivational on all levels. I was very sick, we have a bad flu virus circulating around, because of this I couldn't train as I wanted to. Apart of this I have to go to the dentist, which is not something I love.

Also I was very busy making some nice product photos for a side project. It is taking more time than usual, but I will surely share the final result with you here. 

About my layout, it is the usual hand-written layout of a week on 2 pages on Rhodia Dot-Pad. My all time favorite bleed-through paper. I've put my beloved "Soft Mint" ink, a lovely sea foam minty green by Diamine as it is very white and winterly outside. And lately I am in the mood for cold colors.

This sums it up all for now. Stay safe!

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Filofax: Week 3/2014

  • Category: Life
  • Published: 26 January 2014

Hey there!

Sorry for the delay of one week in posting this but last two weeks were total madness for me and my friends. It was very dynamic, we had to do excessive planning, most of it on the move as you can see. I took an extra job this month in order to save some money for my planned visit to Paris in March.

I worked out very energetically and somehow strained my right knee this week. Also it was time for late celebrations, I got the flu. Quite hectic and nowhere near as fun as I expected it to be. The best part of the week was that I managed to build a white box in order to make some decent close-up pictures. I quite enjoy the results and I will post some of them soon.

I didn't have enough free time to follow my regime as I intended to, but I wholeheartedly enjoyed some good portions of cheesecake. I should learn how to make this treat at home as I over-spend in the cafeteria next to my house. Any ideas are welcome.


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Filofax: Week 2/2014

  • Category: Life
  • Published: 13 January 2014

Happy Monday!

Week two passed away without noticing. My theme was the normal hand-written one mixed with some dark green. 

It was intense, tiring and very fast. We had very cold, unfriendly and foggy days. 

This week I lost one of my favorite earrings. But I spend a most wonderful weekend with friends playing Jenga, drinking tea and eating home-made cake. Also two of my dearest friends had B-days: Mari and DimiWe exchanged presents and we spend some quality time together. As always well-appreciated. 

I need to reorganize my filo and make it more list-orientated, but alas, no time for now to do so.

And how was your week?


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Winter walk and late resolutions

  • Category: Life
  • Published: 12 January 2014

I hope that you are having great time in the first days of 2014. I surely do! 

Rethinking that in a blink of an eye the first half of January is almost here I made a small list of things that I should do on a weekly basis in order not to waste any more precious time. I want to experience positive change this year and these are my baby steps towards achieving the final goal: 

  • get at least 7 hours of sleep a day
  • train efficiently four times a week
  • eat more healthy, practice portion control and overcome my zeal for salty snacks like French fries
  • create and draw something new every week
  • learn something new/skill every week
  • spend time working on my portfolio and my language skills
  • 100 new words a week for my German
  • blog as much as possible, but no less than three times per week :")
  • travel as much as possible 
  • spend quality time with my friends and family

And some skills that I want to learn this year:

  • learn to sew basic things
  • create a wallet, bag and a pouch from genuine leather
  • learn how to make 5 types of bread and pita
  • learn to cook 5 new sauces
  • attend a photography course at some point
  • get an easel and then start those big-scale drawing projects that I dream about for over a decade now

Take care!

photo: from my family short weekend mountain walk

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Filofax: Week 1/2014

  • Category: Life
  • Published: 06 January 2014

Hey there! Happy Monday!

First have a great exciting week.

Second, how do you organize your daily tasks? In the last 2 years I keep a Filofax combined with an additional agenda for lists, purchases and other small things. I own a lavender Metropol in personal size and a Sage in personal size as well that I rarely use. As I am mostly a fountain pen user, I simply can't use the inserts for the simple reason that the paper quality is awful. We don't get any decent inserts around here and ordering for me is impossible due to customs, cost and loss of time. Because of these reasons I resorted to using Rhodia Dot Pads that I perforate to fit in the Filo. You can see that they are somehow shorter than the usual refill and form a fold page. This is because cutting them to fit will discard precious paper strips. Also I think they fit in kind of cute. 

Probably you are up to the whole Filofax craze going on lately. I got my first filo as a gift from a dear friend who swears by them. Good idea, as I am really distracted and I forget many things. Until now I never had any problem with my rings or the clasp. I think that the Metropol is a great start to somebody who wants to be organized in a neat way without the huge cost of real leather binder. Also it is very compact and holds well the everyday usage (I wear it everywhere, just name it!)

Lately I dream about getting an yellow/fluoro orange Original one, but £80 is like a week's paycheck here. So this one will be delayed in the future. 

Also I don't overdo my weeks with decoration. I use some washi tapes, small stickers and sometimes I doodle. My on-the-move choice is this "Masking set" in solid and dots which you can see below. Two sets shown. 

I love the Dots one. It has dots on it, what can I do!

It comes in a metal tin and I got mine from a random shop on the internet. It is very convenient to carry around and a saviour when you want to make a fast layout on the pages. 


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