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  • Category: Life
  • Published: 16 December 2013

Hello all again! 

I hope that you are having a great day. My move from purple... is finished. I am not taking the old blogspot site down, it will be present as always as an archive. You can find the static link on my "About me" page. Feel free to visit it if you like.

From now on this site can be found and followed on Bloglovin': Follow me here!


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Happy First Snow!

  • Category: Life
  • Published: 26 November 2013

It is already snowing!

Yesterday just before midnight it started snowing. Today it is really chilly outside, but the city is so beautiful covered in white. As you can see it not very bright outside. For now there is no sunshine and probably in the several days there won't be any. Because of the climatic characteristics of the valley of Sofia we suffer from inversions and dense clouds during the cold periods. But I love it anyway!

Snow means skiing and every imaginable type of winter games, beautifully frozen windows and trees, many shooting opportunities for me.

Happy first snow, people! And be merry, there are only 30 days until Christmas. :")

Today I started my day with oatmeal, honey and nuts. Everything gathered from our garden. I won't name it organic, as isn't all the food organic by its very nature? Do anybody actually believe in "organic" products? I don't. I simply aim for out of the box, fresh ingredients when this is possible. 


Also I want to share with you the lovely flower that I got as a present from my man this morning. I don't know the name of it, but it always reminds me of cosy winter days. 

Enjoy the winter and stay safe!



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Winter is coming

  • Category: Life
  • Published: 23 November 2013

Do you like cold weather?

I do. It makes my cheeks tingle and paints them in light rose colour. It is the last week of November. The weather is getting colder and colder outside. The nearby mountain is covered with snow and we are expecting the first snow in the city soon. For now it is constantly raining. Winter is coming and everything will be pure and white for a while. It is going to cover the ugly paches of the city.

It is the time for hot cinnamon tea with milk in the morning, wollen socks,cuddling under three blankets with a nice book. Talking about books, the 41-st festival of the book will take place between 10th and 15th of December, here in Sofia. I have several titles in mind already.

And  the orchidae soon will blossom again. 


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