Filofax: Week 4/2014

Yeap, Monday again. Time for weekly recap. 

  • We experienced the first real snowfall this winter. Yay! Good for skiing, bad for getting to work.
  • I didn't have much time for blogging
  • I started to re-learn Photoshop as I intend to work on my photos and even if I don't like it, the technical stuff is a big part of making quality photographs. 
  • I started a new project that you will see soon :")
  • I rediscovered black tea with milk and spices. 

So last week was very de-motivational on all levels. I was very sick, we have a bad flu virus circulating around, because of this I couldn't train as I wanted to. Apart of this I have to go to the dentist, which is not something I love.

Also I was very busy making some nice product photos for a side project. It is taking more time than usual, but I will surely share the final result with you here. 

About my layout, it is the usual hand-written layout of a week on 2 pages on Rhodia Dot-Pad. My all time favorite bleed-through paper. I've put my beloved "Soft Mint" ink, a lovely sea foam minty green by Diamine as it is very white and winterly outside. And lately I am in the mood for cold colors.

This sums it up all for now. Stay safe!