Filofax: Week 3/2014

Hey there!

Sorry for the delay of one week in posting this but last two weeks were total madness for me and my friends. It was very dynamic, we had to do excessive planning, most of it on the move as you can see. I took an extra job this month in order to save some money for my planned visit to Paris in March.

I worked out very energetically and somehow strained my right knee this week. Also it was time for late celebrations, I got the flu. Quite hectic and nowhere near as fun as I expected it to be. The best part of the week was that I managed to build a white box in order to make some decent close-up pictures. I quite enjoy the results and I will post some of them soon.

I didn't have enough free time to follow my regime as I intended to, but I wholeheartedly enjoyed some good portions of cheesecake. I should learn how to make this treat at home as I over-spend in the cafeteria next to my house. Any ideas are welcome.