Winter walk and late resolutions

I hope that you are having great time in the first days of 2014. I surely do! 

Rethinking that in a blink of an eye the first half of January is almost here I made a small list of things that I should do on a weekly basis in order not to waste any more precious time. I want to experience positive change this year and these are my baby steps towards achieving the final goal: 

  • get at least 7 hours of sleep a day
  • train efficiently four times a week
  • eat more healthy, practice portion control and overcome my zeal for salty snacks like French fries
  • create and draw something new every week
  • learn something new/skill every week
  • spend time working on my portfolio and my language skills
  • 100 new words a week for my German
  • blog as much as possible, but no less than three times per week :")
  • travel as much as possible 
  • spend quality time with my friends and family

And some skills that I want to learn this year:

  • learn to sew basic things
  • create a wallet, bag and a pouch from genuine leather
  • learn how to make 5 types of bread and pita
  • learn to cook 5 new sauces
  • attend a photography course at some point
  • get an easel and then start those big-scale drawing projects that I dream about for over a decade now

Take care!

photo: from my family short weekend mountain walk