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Tartalletes and winter walks

  • Category: Life
  • Published: 20 February 2014

Hey there! 

Just had some amazing quality time in the city. We are having beautiful weather and it is all sunny and clean. We spend whole day rambling around in the park next to the Military Academy that is pictured on the right upper corner on the first collage. 

The park is gourgeus and it is worth visiting. We also happened to eat *sigh* very tasty Tartalletes with fresh berries. Just what I needed. 

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Things I love: Nail polish

  • Category: Life
  • Published: 12 February 2014

Ok, ok... I confess... It is not just "love" anymore. 

After meeting Dimi at work, I fell in love with the nail polish all over again. Since then, my small stash is growing steadily and my nails are always looking good! Thanks a lot girl! My recent loves include OPI The It Colour and OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls. And lets not start with all the purples I want to own.

I also enjoyed a temperature-shifting nail polish for the first time, it was big fun! In conclusion Ifound out that my left hand is somewhat colder than the right one at all time. The indie-nail polish is a little bit out of reach for me currently due to the huge shipping cost.

The stamped nails are again Dimi's creation by using a MoYOU London plate. I still can't get the stamping process by myself, but I am so good in dotting. :")

P.S- I have very small nail plates. 

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Filofax: Week 6/2014

  • Category: Life
  • Published: 10 February 2014


Happy Monday!

A blue-green weekly layout suitable for the very cold days here. The winter is coming and going each week and this makes it quite difficult to stay healthy. I started doing some power-fat-loss-yoga after work and so far I am very pleased with the result. 

I also stumbled onto these cute soldier stickers in a book store while choosing a gift for a parcel slap that I am doing with a lovely girl from the USA. Detailed post when she gets the special delivery. All fingers crossed that she will get it around Valentine's day.

This week I will be making some new additions to the door project that I started. You can see the first ones here and here. I am really stunned by the patterns that one can find by simply wandering the empty streets. Albeit a little sad from the complete destruction that is reigning the city centre. 

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Filofax: Week 5/2014

  • Category: Life
  • Published: 09 February 2014

Hey there!

It was a busy week 6 (post tomorrow) and oh, so busy week 5 of the 2014 for me. In fact, I wasn't even able to open the blog during there days, but no worries. I am going to make up for the lost time with some nice posts. Time flies! It is already mid February, people. 

So what happened during this week? 

  • My beloved filo got some nasty dents on the front cover. I am so sad about it. Any ideas on fixing it are going to be greatly appreciated.
  • I got some cute stickers from Korea. Round ones and some tiny book marks with bicycles on them. 
  • The inks I used were Soft Mint and Chocolate by Diamine, a great combination indeed. The pens are my trusty Lamy and an old Waterman Laureat for the chocolate color. Currently I am waiting for the Lamy Safari LE for 2014 to come out. 
  • I made all the photos for the on-line store I was contracted to do so. Currently I am very happy with the result and I am contemplating the future purchase of a real macro lens. 

Have a great Sunday evening!

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